Inspired by the original Bedouin Tents of North Africa, Tentickle International have spent 15 years researching and scientifically developing the world’s first 3-ply organic fabric. The developers at Tentickle are driven by a passion for quality workmanship. Our organic stretch tent fabrics are manufactured in Cape Town by a team of specialists with many years of experience. We only use the latest welding and in-house-produced seam sealing technologies.

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  • Organic Stretch Lightweight

  • Organic Stretch

  • Tentflex

The Organic Stretch Lightweight is with 500g per square metre the lightest of all our fabrics and easy to transport and erect with a minimum amount of rigging. It’s a slightly translucent adaption of the popular Organic Stretch with its high tensile strength and flexibility.

The Organic Stretch at 680g per square metre a very popular product in the festival industry due to its relatively lightweight but high tensile strength. The original and most flexible of all products rigs easily and sets the standard for all fabrics.

The TentFlex at 770g per square metre has become very popular for semi-permanent installations due to its long-term waterproofing capability even in harsh weather conditions. The fabric is treated with an outer matt Teflon coating ensuring its long term waterproofing and wind stability.

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  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Ultra Flexible
  • Custom-made