Committed to quality

As leading global stretch tent manufacturer, Tentickle is committed to quality materials and expert workmanship. This involves making sure that all our products are manufactured according to the highest industry standards while employing leading-edge welding and seam-sealing technologies.

All tent textiles are produced in South Africa under strict quality control. The fabrics are supplied with a certificate of origin from the chamber of commerce. Raw materials such as pigments and chemicals for coatings and sewing threads are supplied from the EU and USA. All goods are provided with international fire retardancy certification (Germany, UK, USA, Australia, France, Spain) as well as an EU building book including wind load and engineering certifications.

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  • Organic Stretch Lightweight

  • Organic Stretch

  • Tentflex

The TentFlex at 770g per square metre has become very popular for semi-permanent installations due to its long-term waterproofing capability even in harsh weather conditions. It is a fire-retardant (optional), waterproof, UV repellent, anti-microbial, highly tensile, Teflon-coated polyester stretch fabric. The outside has a smooth, matt finish with a water-repellent lotus effect. The inside of the fabric has a natural flow and a soft, organic feel – not requiring any further draping. The fabric reflects light very effectively and offers a great canvas for spectacular lighting concepts. All Tentflex tents are sewn with the long-lasting PTFE Tenara Thread.

The Organic Stretch at 680g per square metre a very popular product in the festival industry due to its relatively lightweight but high tensile strength. The original and most flexible of all products rigs easily and sets the standard for all fabrics.

The Organic Stretch Lightweight is with 500g per square metre the lightest of all our fabrics and easy to transport and erect with a minimum amount of rigging. It’s a slightly translucent adaption of the popular Organic Stretch with its high tensile strength and flexibility.

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  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Ultra Flexible
  • Custom-made

Tent care & maintenance

Stretch tents like to be set up taught with tight ropes and steep angles for effective water run off and aerodynamics. A slack tent will cause chaffing or rubbing and this will wear your tent out very quickly. Therefore, make sure the ropes are always taught. In case a rope comes loose, the tent will require re-tensioning. This can be done by three strong men of your staff who have been instructed by our crew.

Due to our corrosive climate the wooden poles need to be serviced annually (or biannually depending on weather conditions), a light sanding and another coat or two of protective clear varnish does the job. This can be done any time with the tent rigged in place.

The tents are fully washable. With the tent installed permanently, the inside of the fabric should never get dirty. In case it does – the fabric can be washed with a soft, white towel and warm water with laundry detergent.
After a year or so, the outside might start looking a little weathered due to tree droppings and dust. The Teflon coated outside can be washed with dish washing liquid and lots of water. The longer you soak the fabric, the better. After soaking, the surface can be scrubbed with a soft brush if necessary. This can only be done with the tent de-rigged.
No high pressure hosing!

We offer a comprehensive after sales service including cleaning and our crew is always available to attend to any problems that you may encounter. We can do a strike, wash, fix & reset for the new season and make your stretch tent look like it’s fresh out-of-the-bag.