We're a happy lot, we love our job and take pride in what we do.

We are the East African subsidiary of Tentickle CC in Cape Town – a company run by experienced and dynamic individuals with a passion for events, stretch tents and the lifestyle they offer. We have a great interest in sharing our skills and experiences to build a strong and professional local team. We encourage and empower a curious, proactive and independent approach to our job. Be assured that our team will always be a positive and resourceful addition to your project as we strive to find your ideal solution.

Clint Lox comes from a background of professional DJing and festival & music event operations worldwide. After working closely for over 15 years with the head office in Cape Town and seeing the suitability and demand of Bedouin Stretch Tents for the East African market, he took his opportunity in 2012 and brought Tentickle to Tanzania.

Niccy Kiefer found her new home in Tanzania in 2009 and pursued a career in hotel management and sales & marketing. Clint and her met in Zanzibar in 2012 and developed first a strong friendship and later a business partnership. In 2016 her and Clint joined forces and since run Tentickle Tanzania’s headquarters together. Niccy is handling sales, marketing and accounts as well as the international marketing for Tentickle CC.

Tim Leach grew up in the Tanzanian bush, developing and engineering eco-friendly, low impact solutions for exclusive bush camping and luxury safaris. Tim and his team supply customised Tentickle tents in the Arusha region and the Northern Circuit.