Live close to nature - protected from the elements.

Tanzania is all about celebrating the great outdoors. From the vast plains of the Serengeti to the pristine white beaches of Zanzibar. We help you to maximise your outdoor living spaces by creating innovative & sustainable stretch tent solutions.

Tentickle stretch tents & canopies are defined as semi-permanent tensile structures. They can be removed without leaving a footprint. Our ingenious, minimally-invasive installation techniques guarantee a permanent setup of 5 – 7 years, without requiring building permits. Any terrain. Any location. Any weather.

Our tents are infinitely flexible and capable of being set up in many different configurations, depending on your seasonal requirements. They are available in a timeless range of colours with the option of personal branding. The maximum size of a one-piece stretch tent is 600 square metres. Larger areas can be covered by joining tents with Tentickle’s smart guttering system. All fabrics and rigging accessories have been tested and comply with international safety standards and certifications (Germany, UK, France & South Africa). Tentickle stretch tents are fully washable and easy to maintain. We offer a comprehensive maintenance and service package across Zanzibar & Tanzania.

Have a look at our portfolio for inspiration:

Custom Stretch Tents

Re-think roofing! Tailor your tent to any shape or size to fit the most challenging locations. We are blessed to work with a leading edge, flexible, but durable roofing material that instinctively follows organic shapes and integrates easily in pre-existing structures or any natural environment.

Covering large outdoor spaces often comes with technical and static challenges that result in expensive structural solutions, requiring architectural and engineering services. Our custom stretch tents don’t. They make for a super lightweight (770g/m2) roofing option with an incredibly shallow water run-off angle due to the water-repelling Teflon surface. Custom-made discrete anchor points seamlessly attach to your property, while Tentickle’s trade-marked aluminium wall profile and guttering system provide an elegant solution to completely waterproof the connection to your building. Our minimally invasive installations take no longer than 48 hours to avoid disrupting your daily business. All custom tents are installed by an expert crew of 4 – 6 professional riggers together with the owners, head designers and directors of Tentickle Tanzania.

Oh, and not like any other building – you can move your tent if you like, make weather-depending adjustments, or pack it up for the season while you don’t need it.


1. Your inquiry: Tell us more about your inTENTions: size of the area you would like to cover, location, terrain, purpose - so we can provide a preliminary proposal
2. Site visit(s): We come to survey your property and share ideas to design your bespoke stretch tent solution.
3. Quotation: Shortly after our meeting, we send a detailed proposal including transport and installation.
4. Technical drawing & design: After receiving your positive feedback, we create a technical drawing and a scaled 3D model to help visualize the shape and flow of your tent.
5. Manufacturing: Once you confirmed our proposal with the deposit, your tent goes into production.
6. Delivery: Your tent will be flown in from Cape Town, cleared in Zanzibar and delivered to your property anywhere in Tanzania.
7. Installation: Our expert rigging team comes to professionally install your custom stretch tent and advise you on maintenance & care.


Freeform Bedouin Tents

It’s an infinitely adaptable, movable building. That means we can tailor the installation of the same tent to terrain, weather, and purpose. A breezy, open beach restaurant can turn into a cosy, intimate lounge, or a completely closed structure, protected from heavy rain and strong wind up to 115km/h.

Zanzibar is reigned by its two prevailing winds – the Kazkazi (north wind) and the Kusi (south wind). While the winds draw in the kite surfers and fill the beaches, beach front businesses need to be prepared for the impact of the weather to keep their clients comfortable and happy. Bedouin tents bring your clients right down to the high-water line while giving the possibility to seasonally close down sides to shelter from the elements.

Every tent is custom made and can be cut to your preferred size. To give you an idea of the capacity and cost of a Bedouin tent kit including all rigging accessories and installation, here a selection of recommended tent sizes.


» Quick & easy setup with a crew of 4 skilled riggers.

» Ideal for lucrative seasonal or pop-up businesses - think restaurant, bar, spa, water sports & kite centres …

» Ideal for MICE, occasional weddings, functions and workshops.

» Easy to transport, minimal storage space required.

» Minimally invasive, semi-permanent structure. No footprint. No building permits.


All weather blinds

Tentickle's all weather blinds protect from the elements without obstructing the view or compromising ventilation.

Fitted blinds in a combination of Tentickle Tentflex fabric, rubber-coated nylon mesh and/or clear PVC protect your veranda from horizontal rain and break heavy wind. Especially in the tropics and on the coast, this solution has become extremely popular.

» Roll-up option.

» Easy to remove.

» For stretch tents, any type of buildings or wooden structures.

» Tailored to any size up to a maximum of 3 x 5 metres in one piece.