Go glamping!

Experience the great outdoors - without sacrificing luxury.

We have developed a brand-new and ingenious tenting solution that is designed specifically towards the luxury camping market. The result is a revolutionary fusion of technology and style – a bespoke product combining the leading edge Tentickle Tentflex FR fabric with a fully enclosed floor and customisable side walls in a combination of rip stop canvas, mosquito netting and clear PVC.

For extreme hot and sunny countries, we engineered an optional double roofing system by adding shade cloth about 80cm above the Tentflex fabric. This keeps the tent cool during the day and generally extends the lifetime of the structure. Tentickle Bespoke Luxury Tents offer a comprehensive & eco-friendly solution for alternative accommodation to suit any environment.

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The Eco Glamper

The most economic glamper of our range offers ideal accommodation for a couple or a small family.

The bedroom strikes with scenic views through large windows and offers ample space for a double bed, a wardrobe, an extra bed or a small lounge area. Because of its light weight, easy installation and transport, the Eco Glamper is ideally suited to fly camping and seasonal camps, especially in inaccessible areas.

» 83 m2 waterproof roofing
» 25 m2 fully enclosed living environment
» Inside pole height: 3.5 m

The Eco Glamper Plus

The ideal deluxe suite or family sleeper.

The Eco Glamper is currently available in two sizes. The Eco Glamper Plus is 15 square metres bigger with ample space for two extra beds or a spacious lounge area with tea station.

» 108 m2 waterproof roofing
» 40 m2 fully enclosed living environment
» Inside pole height: 3.5m

The Luxury Glamper

With its landscape layout and large windows across the entire 10.2 metre front, the Luxury Glamper is perfectly suited for venues set against a mountain or by the lake- or seaside.

The generous inside space allows for limitless customisable configurations. Create a luxurious junior suite with bedroom, ensuite bathroom and separate lounge or a family suite with interconnecting bedrooms. Set up a production office or reception area or transform the Luxury Glamper into a Boutique restaurant with sheltered inside and outside dining areas.

» 127 m2 waterproof roofing
» 46 m2 fully enclosed living environment
» Inside pole height: 3.8 m

The 360° Panoglamper

Setting new standards for true luxury camping.

The 360° Panoglamper is defined by its unique hexagonal footprint which allows for 360° uninterrupted panoramic views. Create an inspiring, luxurious setting in the great outdoors - whether an executive suite, a dining room, a reception lounge or ceremony venue for weddings, conferences and exhibitions, a yoga and meditation shala or an extravagant lounge.

» 130 m2 waterproof roofing
» 65 m2 fully enclosed living environment
» Inside pole height: 3.8m