Tentickle Stretch Tents have developed a brand-new and ingenious tenting solution that is designed specifically towards the luxury camping market.

The result is a revolutionary fusion of technology and style. A bespoke product combining the leading edge Tentickle Tentflex fabric with a fully enclosed PVC floor and customisable side walls in a combination of rip stop canvas, rubber coated mosquito netting and clear PVC. The durable stretch tent roof is 100% waterproof, UV-resistant, optionally fire retardant and withstands wind of up to 45 knots. The Teflon coated Tentflex fabric has become very popular for semi permanent installations due to its long term waterproofing capability even in the harshest weather conditions. Especially for tropical climates and high humidity zones, all fabrics are impregnated with an anti fungal treatment. Only superior quality velcro and zippers are used to guarantee a 100% bug-free environment.

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Redefining Luxury Camping

Moving inside, it’s all about continuity.

The unique click-frame system ensures that repeat installations won’t damage the integrity of the poles. No electronic tools are required for the setup. The frame is available in mild steel, aluminium or marine stainless steel for extremely windy areas and locations close to the ocean. The structure is engineered for exceptional stability. The modular design means that most repairs can be carried out onsite without taking the entire structure down, therefore causing minimal disruption to your operation.


Climate Control

With Tentickle's ingenious double roofing.

For extremely hot and sunny countries, Tentickle have developed a double roofing system by adding 90% heavy-duty shade cloth about 80cm above the Tentflex roof. This keeps the tent cool during the day and extends the lifetime of the tent by a minimum of two years. The shade cloth is re-inforced with a central panel of Tentflex fabric to insure durability and to get that stylish stretch tent flow.


Extreme Environments

Salt lake or snow slope - experience the great outdoors with leading edge shelter offering limitless configurations for even the harshest terrain.

When undertaking extreme adventures and exploring off grid, the need for dependable survival gear is paramount. Minimal invasive installation and Tentickle’s leave-no-footprint ethos allow you to create an event venue or base camp in the most remote and spectacular places.